How to Fight Perpetrators if You’re a Victim of Sexual Assault

The world is developing at an immense rate and the rate of crime is also increasing exponentially and one of the most common crimes associated with women is sexual assault. Sexual assault can be defined as any type of inappropriate sexual activity that you do not agree to do that includes touching personal areas, rape, molestation, etc.

We live in a society where women and men have equal rights but still women are suppressed in many parts of society. Due to wrong psychology being portrayed in men’s society that men always dominate women and that is the main cause of all the problems. Fortunately, we now live in a modern society where women are provided with all the safeguards by law for all kinds of sexual assault to save the integrity of women. Below are just some of the things you can do to fight perpetrators if you are a victim of sexual assault:

File a criminal case

One of the best ways to fight perpetrators if you are a victim of sexual assault is to file a criminal case against that person who has tried to ruin your life. If you’re up against big corporations, big business tycoon, politician, etc. you need a respected lawyer that has all kinds of resources and has a decent image concerning judges. It is very important to have the best sexual assault victim lawyer NYC by your side as they know the loopholes of the act and they can manage all the things that can come up at any point in time.

In criminal proceedings, the victim has to honestly narrate all the situations that have taken place and if you have told everything honestly with your lawyer the opponent does not have any surprise element left with them. The lawyer can pre-judge all the circumstances that can occur during the hearing and can prepare the victim with all the situations that can occur at any point in time in the courtroom. The courtroom proceedings can be ugly as all the details of that traumatizing experience will be discussed to find out the truth so the victim has to be well prepared for all these kinds of situations.

Gather evidence

Remember, even the smartest of offenders leave an evidence behind. You must gather those to present in the court of justice. The evidence can be in the form of video recordings, some pictures or people as well. Do not hesitate in approaching them. The journey is long and full of hurdles.

Be mentally strong

To fight sexual assault, you have to be mentally strong as you will be interrogated in the courtroom. The opposing party will do everything they can to make the jury side with them or at least give the perpetrator a more lenient sentence which is something you wouldn’t want as someone who’s seeking justice. You can also have some counselling sessions because sexual assault is a very tragic incident in life and this leaves a dark spot in anyone’s personal life. And going on through the same trauma while the hearing is taking place is a very difficult task for women as it completely shatters their mental peace.


Fighting against evil is a mandate when it comes to teaching a lesson to such perpetrators. Do not think twice for a moment, and be ready to face them. Remember that you are not alone. There are still good people out here willing to help you through the journey. All you need is the strong willpower to begin.


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