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Scientists manipulate quantum fluids of light, bringing us closer to next-generation unconventional computing

Schematic of a double-dye organic microcavity with two-color excitation profiles [...]


5 Easy Family Style Chinese Meals

These recipes are too easy not to at least try! [...]


Mustangs on the Move

Mustangs have come to occupy a special place in the [...]

Science & Tech

Bending the norm on nanowires

Nitin Batra prepares a sample of nanowires to analyze using [...]


Are manatees really responsible for mermaid myths?

Manatees are beautiful, graceful creatures, but can they ever toe-to-toe [...]


The Belled Viper

One day recently, Curt Brennan used a stick to part [...]


Spatiotemporal mode-locking and dissipative solitons in multimode fiber lasers

Fig. 1. a, Schematic diagram of dissipative soliton formation in [...]

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How Financial Aid for Online Degrees Works

That’s not Colby, the pseudo college-going cat, but still, that [...]


To Reproduce, Mussels Go Fishing

Imagine a clear creek in a northern Alabama woodland, a [...]

Science & Tech

New Flatland material: Physicists obtain quasi-2D gold

Illustration. Quasi-two-dimensional gold. Credit: Ella Maru Studio Researchers from the [...]


Why do I sweat when I eat?

This man shows the first signs of gustatory sweating — [...]


The Joys of Rehabbing

Christie Huffman tends to injured crows at her home in [...]


Scientists use supercomputers to make optical tweezers safer for living cells

Optical tweezers use laser light to manipulate small particles. A [...]


Ridiculous History: The Curse of the Colonel

Just in the (very slim) chance you couldn’t tell which [...]


Making Room for Prairie Dogs

Squirting soapy water down prairie dog holes and scooping up [...]

Science & Tech

Plumbene, graphene’s latest cousin, realized on the ‘nano water cube’

Plumbene is realized by annealing an ultrathin lead (Pb) film [...]


5 Vehicles That Were Crossover Before There Were Crossovers

The 2009 Volvo XC60 crossover vehicle is displayed at the [...]


Fly Away Home

Writer Adele Conover, braving wind, rain and intemperate conditions of [...]


Gen Xers will have higher cancer rates than boomers, study forecasts

A new modeling study predicts that cancer rates in people [...]


Micro heat engine research cracks an age-old thermodynamic puzzle

Trapped colloid in an electric field. a is a schematic [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Concrete Countertops

Concrete can be found all over the world. Ed Freeman/Stone/Getty [...]


The Horse Whisperer

Writer Paul Trachtman travels to the rugged backcountry of Wyoming [...]


Melatonin may stave off age-related vision loss, study hints

A large new analysis has tied the use of supplemental [...]

Science & Tech

Researchers create soft, flexible materials with enhanced properties

Left: A single liquid metal nanodroplet grafted with polymer chains. [...]

Science & Tech

Why are humans altruistic?

Saving this man’s life puts your life in danger, yet [...]


New Breeds Down on the Pharm

No creatures like these have ever existed on earth. In [...]


Strange magnetic material could make computing energy-efficient

The method for magnetic switching on Mn-doped GeTe. Credit: Hugo [...]


August 1 Birthday Astrology

The astrological symbol for Leo, the fifth sign of the [...]


Dance With the Devilfish

manta rays Wikimedia Commons Baja California, close encounters of the [...]

Science & Tech

Mathematically designed graphene has improved electrocatalytic activity

Carbon atoms were deposited on a substrate using chemical vapour [...]


5 Recipes Using Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cream of mushroom soup is great on its own or [...]


Steaming into the Future

Built to last and as big as a dinosaur, it [...]


Study reveals the origin of high superconducting critical temperatures in trilayer cuprates

Observation of three coexisting Fermi surface sheets in Bi2223. (a) [...]


Will birds really abandon their young if humans disturb the nest?

What a cute little bird? But think before you touch [...]


The Enemy Within

Homeowners think of termites as pests, and they are. In [...]

Science & Tech

Rare iron oxide could be combined with 2-D materials for electronic, spintronic devices

A microscope image shows flakes of epsilon-iron(III) oxide grown on [...]

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How to Check Your Financial Aid Status

Graduating from college is a proud moment, but it can [...]


Let’s Root for the Coot

Author Ken Brower’s initial reaction to coots, as he began [...]


Random wrinkles for opto-physical unclonable functions

a, An illustration of liquid crystal polymer-based random wrinkles observed [...]


Why does anxiety cause underarm sweat?

It’s not just your face that gets sweaty. View more [...]