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Chemist synthesizes gold-based electrocatalysts

Credit: RUDN University A RUDN chemist has synthesized an electrocatalyst [...]


Weird electron behavior gets even weirder: Charge fractionalization observed spectroscopically

Electrons whizzing through the kagome metal Fe3Sn2 are influenced by [...]

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Sweet nanoparticles trick kidney

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In the past decade nanomedicine has [...]


Giant leap toward neuromorphic devices: High-performance spin-wave reservoir computing

A physical reservoir computer performs a task to transform input [...]

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Using bone’s natural electricity to promote regeneration

Triboelectric nanogenerators (left) and piezoelectric materials (right) are being investigated [...]


Photons that make quantum bits ‘fly’ for stable exchange of information in quantum computers

(a) Illustration of the physical system and (b) energy level diagram of [...]

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Thinning down Weyl semimetals provides a new twist to spintronics

Schematic showing (left) conventional spin Hall effect (SHE) in which [...]


Beam balance designs could elucidate the origins of dark energy

Scheme of the balanceprototype including the opticalread-out and the aluminumsuspended [...]

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Vibrations on a chip feel a magnetic field

Artist impression of two nanostrings coupled through light. Because the [...]


Concentration-independent pressure sensing method developed for high-temperature combustion diagnostics

Concentration-Independent Pressure Sensing Method Developed for High-Temperature Combustion Diagnostics. Credit: [...]


Meet Violet Jessop, Survivor of Three Shipwrecks

The sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 14, 1912, [...]


How Tow Dollies Works

Towing a vehicle can make an RV vacation go much [...]

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What are the dangers of mercury exposure?

Hidden Home Dangers Image Gallery Mercury is a neurotoxin; exposure [...]

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Jane Goodall: A Global Face for Global Peace

Jane Goodall with Motambo, an orphan at the JGI Tchimpounga [...]


June 29 Birthday Astrology

The astrological symbol for Cancer, the fourth sign of the [...]


Oh, Birds! Please Don’t Fly Into Our Windows

This baby Cooper’s Hawk hit the window of a home [...]

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10 Extreme Coupon Tips for Normal People

Coupons are cash in your pocket if you learn how [...]


What are the best golf exercises for seniors?

Head out to the golf course! You’ll get in a [...]


Meghan Markle Is Not the First British Royal With African Heritage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during an official photocall to [...]


Saving the Cao Vit Gibbon, the Second Rarest Ape in the World

A baby cao vit gibbon learns to search for food. [...]

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15 Facts About Tornadoes

Kelly Durkin Communities across a wide swath of the country [...]


Exploring the World’s Most Imperiled Rivers

Canyon walls tower above river rafters in the cathedralesque Grand [...]

The Planet

A Satellite View of Tornado Scars

Feedloader (Clickability) Last week’s devastating tornadoes have left indelible marks [...]


UPDATE: Sloth Bear Cub Has a New Name

This little guy needs a name. Can you help? Photo [...]

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Hydrothermal Vents Fertilize Oceans With Fool’s Gold

Feedloader (Clickability) Deep in the oceans, hydrothermal vents spew superheated [...]


Breaking News: Bozie the Elephant to Join National Zoo

Bozie will go into quarantine for a minimum of 30 [...]

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A View From Above of Memphis Flooding

NASA/USGS The Mississippi River doesn’t like to stay where it [...]


PHOTOS Baby’s First Romp: Andean Cubs Play in the Rain

One cub surveys the course ahead. All photos by Leah [...]

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Ocean Acidification and the Battle Between Coral and Seaweed

The Great Barrier Reef Photo courtesy of flickr user Barbara [...]


The mystery of the disappearing Neanderthal Y chromosome

Non-Africans carry around 2% Neanderthal DNA in their genomes — [...]


10 unexpected ways Neanderthal DNA affects our health

Around 2% of the genomes of modern Eurasians contains Neanderthal [...]


‘More Neanderthal than human’: How your health may depend on DNA from our long-lost ancestors

Neanderthals and humans mated millennia ago, and their legacy lives [...]


New 3D map charted with Google AI reveals ‘mysterious but beautiful’ slice of human brain

Harvard and Google researchers have collaborated to map a tiny [...]


Does the Milky Way orbit anything?

Do galaxies, including our own Milky Way, orbit anything in [...]

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Researchers plan DNA-based nanorobot for cancer diagnostics

Ekaterina Goncharova, a Master Degree student at ITMO University’s International [...]


Exploring the surface properties of NiO with low-energy electron diffraction

Researchers carry out surface LEED crystallography of antiferromagnetic crystal NiO, [...]

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How manipulating ligand interactions in metal clusters can spur advances in nanotechnology

Interactions among ligands dictate the final structure of metal clusters, [...]


Glovebox-assisted magnetic force microscope offers easier image of air-sensitive samples

Topography and MFM images of the CrI3 bulk crystal at [...]

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Nanoparticles produced from burning coal result in damage to mice lungs, suggesting toxicity to humans

Associate professor of inflammatory disease Irving Coy Allen. Credit: Virginia [...]