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Russians drilled Earth’s deepest man-made hole but soon sealed it forever for mind-boggling reason

The chasmic hole, also often dubbed as the ‘entrance to hell,’ presented scientific findings that [...]

World’s oldest computer is 2,200 years old and it’s complexity still continues to stun scientists

The complex device provides clues to an ancient Greek calendar, both brilliant and meticulous, that [...]

1889 magazine asked women why they were ‘spinsters’ and got incredibly savage responses

A magazine from 1889 had an idea of allotting a prize to the woman who [...]

America’s bizarre Cold War plan to stop Earth’s rotation using 1,000 rockets still blows our minds

Even the ones who weren’t geophysicists knew the plan had many flaws, including the one [...]

Time capsule from 1993 discovered by students reveals the drastic change the world has undergone

The vintage box exuded plenty of 90s vibes. It contained everything, from cassette tapes to [...]

Intriguing reason why Friday the 13th scares people and is considered unlucky

From mythological lores to pop culture phenomena, Friday the 13th became a dreaded day and [...]

1300-year-old letter to sister discovered in a cave is a beautiful ode to familial bond

This letter written out of concern around 1300 years ago is evidence that adorable family [...]

18th century letter revealing life of a young man trying to make it in a city is so relatable

The 27-year-old man often complained about his long working hours, not having fashionable clothes, and [...]

The ‘Radioactive Boy Scout’ who accidentally built a nuclear reactor in his mother’s backyard

The radioactive materials he used to create the reactor emitted radiation that was 9,000 times [...]

3,200-year-old Egyptian tablet shows bizarre excuses people used to skip work

Ancient Egyptian employers kept track of employees’ days off in registers written on tablets and [...]

Renowned sci-fi author who made spookily accurate predictions about the future 50 years ago

From telecommuting to remote work, and NASA’s projects, his novels told a fiction that was [...]

Here’s why 10 days are missing from October in the calendar of 1582 on your iPhone

Skipping these 10 days from the calendar was necessary to ensure a peaceful life for [...]

Scientists may have just solved the greatest mystery behind Egypt’s pyramids

This mind-blowing discovery by the scientists unfolds some interesting insights about the construction of the [...]

Three astronauts were once left stranded in space during near-disaster moon mission

From an explosion to biting cold and severe health conditions, the NASA astronauts were fighting [...]