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Gone in a puff of smoke: 52,000 square kilometers of ‘long unburnt’ Australian habitat has vanished in 40 years

Landscapes that have escaped fire for decades or centuries tend to harbor vital structures for [...]

Fruit fly pest meets its evolutionary match in parasitic wasp

A parasitic wasp that preys on the young of a prolific fruit fly pest demonstrates [...]

Previous theory on how electrons move within protein nanocrystals might not apply in every case

Researchers believe that understanding how electrons move within small, natural systems could power a more [...]

World’s chocolate supply threatened by devastating virus

A rapidly spreading virus threatens the health of the cacao tree and the dried seeds [...]

What Happened to Einstein’s Brain After He Died?

Pathologist Thomas Harvey (1912-2007) holds the brain of theoretical physicist Albert Einstein in a jar [...]

Researchers develop eggshell ‘bioplastic’ pellet as sustainable alternative to plastic

What if there was plastic-like material that could absorb excess nutrients from water and be [...]

How light can vaporize water without the need for heat

It’s the most fundamental of processes—the evaporation of water from the surfaces of oceans and [...]

Study finds rekindling old friendships as scary as making new ones

Psychologists from Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of Sussex have found that people [...]

New nanocomposite from papaya peel waste exhibits promising photocatalytic and antibacterial activity

In a significant leap towards sustainable environmental management and antimicrobial strategies, a team of international [...]

Researchers pioneer microfluidics-enabled manufacturing of macroscopic graphene fibers

A team of researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed a new microfluidics-assisted technique for [...]

What are microexpressions?

You can tell a lot about people (and eggs) by the expression on their faces. [...]

Ultra ultrasound to revolutionise technology

A new and extremely sensitive method of measuring ultrasound could revolutionise everything from medical devices [...]

Tiny silicon particles could power lithium ion batteries with 10 times more capacity

University of Alberta chemists have taken a critical step toward creating a new generation of [...]

Bright colors produced by laser heating

Structural colors are used to make this microscopic image of the SDU logo, which is [...]

Extracting functional mitochondria using microfluidics devices

Mitochondria are dynamic, bioenergetic intracellular organelles, responsible for energy production via ATP production during respiration. [...]