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This Doctor Pioneered Counting Calories a Century Ago, and We’re Still Dealing With the Consequences

In 1909, more than a decade before the 19th Amendment would grant her the right [...]

Why Do Some People Always Get Lost?

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Again and Again in World War II, Blood Made The Difference

Private Roy W. Humphrey is being given blood plasma after he was wounded by shrapnel [...]

Review of ‘Doc: Then and Now with a Montana Physician’

Doc: Then and Now with a Montana Physician R. E. Losee, M.D. Lyons & Burford [...]

Crash Dummies, Taking the Hard Knocks For All of Us

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When It Comes to Sports For The Brain, Everyone’s a Winner

In 1978, professor of education C. Samuel Micklus decided he had seen enough of classrooms [...]

How the Body Defends Itself From the Risky Business of Living

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Traveling Light’ Has New Meaning for Jet Laggards

More than 425 million people will fly internationally in 1997, and it’s a safe bet [...]

A Hypochondriac Knows Those ‘Germs’ That Threaten Him Are Real

Wikimedia Commons Like many of life’s problems, this one began in my childhood, roughly between [...]

Hey, Mr. White, That’s the Wrong Color for That

Ishihara Plate 9 Wikipedia I have been color-blind all my life. Color blindness is a [...]

Solving the Aging Puzzle

“Steven N. Austad is lucky to have lived long enough to be an expert on [...]

The Beauty of Bare Bones

The room is replete with bones. They fill shelves and boxes, embellish windowsills and walls. [...]