6 Essential DIY Tips for Better Home Improvements

You, like most people, want to make your home perfect. If you have a family, you want the perfect family home to raise children. If you’re single, you want something that expresses your personality. Given the cost and time involved at making your home ‘just right’, a few tips and pointers can go a long way.

With this in mind, let’s look at ideas to help you make your home your dream home!

1. Make a Plan

Before you do anything, decide on a theme, make a plan, and walk around your home, deciding how you want it to be. You may want to sketch out a floor plan and use colour wheels to determine the colour scheme and where shelving is going to go and things like that. Having a plan will give you focus.

2. Get the Right Tools

It is always a good idea to have certain tools to hand. Over time you’ll probably collect them, but if you get them all at once it is a job done and dusted, and you can get on with the task of making your dream home.

So you’ll need:

  • A drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • A saw
  • Screws, wall plugs, and nails
  • Paintbrushes, rollers, and if you’re planning to decorate with wallpaper, a decorating table, bucket, wallpaper trimmer/sharp knife, and wallpaper brush
  • Various adhesives. There are plenty on the market, so do a bit of research, so you know you are making the right choice when you part with your cash. Epoxy resign is considered the strongest glue

3. Think Lighting

When decorating a room, do a little planning first. If the room is quite dark you may want to choose a bright colour or colours to bring it to life. Lighter colours give a feeling of airiness and space. Conversely, larger rooms may lend themselves to darker, cosier colours.

Once you have the paint or paper on the wall, think about how the fixtures and fittings should look in terms of lighting. Adopting a theme for the room will not only give it a professional touch but help you focus when choosing light fittings.

4. Revamp Your old Cabinets

If you have cabinets that look a bit dated, you can spruce them up with care and paint. Changing the knobs can make a world of difference too. With a little love, you can transform your cabinets, giving them the wow factor.

5. Breathe New Life into a Dated Fireplace

If your fireplace is looking a little dated, you can work your magic and breathe new life into it. If it is a 1970s gas fire affair, you can pay to have someone remove it and make it safe and reuse the space by installing a wood burner or simply use candles to decorate.

6. Consider Round Dining Tables

Big rectangular dining tables are great, but it can be a little bit cold when you’re not entertaining your friends. By using a round dining table, you can still pack diners in, and you have a more intimate setting when there is just two of you. Round tables come in all kinds of style to suit your theme and your budget, and they also save on space.

With a little creative thought, you can make your home a dream house.


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