What To Do If You Sustain A Public Injury

Sometimes, you can get into an accident through no fault of your own. There are public places that lack good maintenance and anything can happen. When you find yourself injured, know that you don’t have to suffer through it alone. You can file a case and get compensation with the help of a professional.

Personal injury lawyer signs up a new injured client.Personal injury lawyer signs up a new injured client.

But before you do, here are steps to take to make sure that you can prove your claims.

  • Bring Yourself to The Hospital 

The most crucial step is to seek medical attention as soon as you injured yourself. You must see a doctor immediately so that the injuries are treated and documented. Even a short trip and fall that you think doesn’t warrant seeing a doctor may grow worse in a couple of days. The pain you suffer from may also cause you psychological distress or make it worse if you already have mental health problems. If you want compensation for the sustained injuries, your medical records will add to the evidence later on.

  • Inform the Accident to The Responsible Party 

A public place injury can happen anywhere and those responsible for the maintenance of specific properties should be aware of the accident.

  • Accidents on a sidewalk or footpath because of puddles or frozen surfaces should be reported to the local council.
  • If you tripped and fell in a store, you must directly inform the owner or the business’s proprietor at a restaurant, hotel, bar, or similar establishments. Stores have been responsible for many accidents and had to compensate customers for negligence. Common accidents include slipping on liquid substances in a particular area.
  • If you’ve already boarded an airplane, tripped, and fell, inform the cabin crew about the accident.

These are some of the accidents in a public place that can happen to anyone. When one of these happens to you, make sure to inform the responsible party so that they will be aware of it.

  • Consult A Personal Injury Lawyer 

Seek an experienced injury lawyer at this point. Your lawyer will know the twist and turns of these cases, the procedures, and the active case’s specific time limit. You can visit online websites such as www.ptlawkc.com for a consultation regarding your case.

Be aware that not every accident is eligible for compensation. You must prove that your accident is due to the carelessness of the person responsible for the location’s upkeep. Some conditions must be met to determine the success of your case.

For example, establishments are responsible for their customers who set foot into their premises. If the proprietor or staff members haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure the premises’ safety, such as making sure that spillages are cleaned up or providing visible signs of caution. You may be eligible to pursue the case.

Ensure that you’re approaching a firm or someone who has dealt with personal injury cases before. These lawyers are adept at these types of cases, and the wrong professional can make bad decisions for you. Personal injury lawyers will advise you to be careful about the statements you let go of or advise you not to talk to the responsible party any further.

Premises liability laws book for personal injury cases on the shelf.Premises liability laws book for personal injury cases on the shelf.

  • Document the Accident

With the help of your attorney, you can start to seek out witnesses of the event. Take photos of your injury, and if possible, the site of the accident.

You must gather the names, addresses, and contact information of employees, customers, or regular bystanders who may have been around at the time. Witnesses can provide important information regarding the cause of the accident.

There are establishments and other public places with installed CCTV cameras. Be sure to obtain the right video for the date and time of the accident.

Create a report of what exactly happened, such as what you were doing at that time, why you tripped and fell, and the accident’s exact location. At this time, don’t assume anything. Document what you can and go through it with your attorney along with your medical records.

  • Be Cautious of Settlements 

If your attorney advises you not to talk to the responsible party, it’s because they may approach you themselves.

Business owners or establishment proprietors will want you to keep it quiet if they don’t want to lose customers. They’ll likely make an offer to make the incident go away. It would be safer to decline the offer and avoid them altogether and inform your attorney immediately.

While it may be tempting to settle the case out of court, it’s essential to make the responsible parties understand that you’re pursuing this case to teach them a lesson. The procedure of pursuing the case can be tedious for both you and the other party. If you do want to follow it, there must be substantial evidence against the defendant.

If you’re continuously getting treatment for your injury, you can’t tell the total sum of your medical expenses until the day you’re well enough to stop medical attention. Always be aware of your rights.

In Conclusion 

Seeking professional assistance from a lawyer means you need to heed their caution. They know firsthand how these cases are going to play out with the correct planning and proper documentation. It’s important to understand that these cases may also last months or years if you can’t work on a compromise. Nevertheless, know your worth but be ready to accept what the other side will offer if you see it as reasonable.


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