Master of Science in International Management

Always wanted to study abroad but never been able to find the right course or institution? Considering a master’s degree that could give you the edge in the crowded international jobs market? Want to study alongside students from different academic backgrounds and with faculty who are experts in their fields? Then look no further: the Master of Science in International Management at Franklin University Switzerland could be the perfect fit for you.

In an ever-changing world in which international business plays an increasingly important role, a great many careers require an insight into how multinational corporations work. If you’re considering a career in global business, then a post-graduate qualification in international management could be exactly what you need to stand out in the professional arena.

The Swiss advantage

The Master of Science in International Management at FUS will give you the opportunity to combine acquiring these skills with an unforgettable study abroad experience in the heart of Europe. Founded in 1969, Franklin University Switzerland is a liberal arts college that offers both US and European accreditation, perfect for students with international ambitions. It boasts a stunning setting in Lugano in the Italian-speaking area of southern Switzerland, with easy access to a number of European countries and major Swiss cities that are home to the headquarters of many global organizations and corporations.

About the course

The one-year Master of Science in International Management at FUS combines academic theory with the perspectives of industry experts, a two-month-long practical management experience, and an academic travel component. Students also benefit from one-on-one professional coaching throughout the year-long program.

With students coming from a diverse range of academic backgrounds and bringing a variety of different skills, each cohort differs from the next, helping you learn from your fellow students as well as from the FUS faculty and visiting experts. This dynamic of working as a team with the other students in your cohort also provides experience that is sure to be valuable when transitioning into the working world. Although the curriculum focuses on the digital and fashion industries, it will provide you with knowledge applicable to any field, teaching you the skills required to use technology effectively to add value to whatever organization or corporation you end up working for later in life.

Want to find out more about whether a Master of Science in International Management at FUS is right for you? Check out the university’s website to learn more about the course and campus life in general.


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