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Earth from space: Gravity waves spark pair of perfect cloud ripples above uninhabited islands

This 2023 astronaut photo shows a pair of perfectly aligned “wave clouds” rippling above the [...]

Gone in a puff of smoke: 52,000 square kilometers of ‘long unburnt’ Australian habitat has vanished in 40 years

Landscapes that have escaped fire for decades or centuries tend to harbor vital structures for [...]

How to Cook Trout

Many people avoid fish in the grocery store because they’re scared to cook it at [...]

Earth’s plate tectonics fired up hundreds of millions of years earlier than we thought, ancient crystals reveal

New research hints that plate tectonics began earlier than 4 billion years ago — not [...]

Quantum discovery verifies a decades-old theory on how monopoles decay

The field of quantum physics is rife with paths leading to tantalizing new areas of [...]

Why Do Lemurs Live Only in Madagascar?

A ringtailed lemur suns itself in the desert sand. The lemur is known for this signature [...]

Earth is wobbling and days are getting longer — and humans are to blame

New studies, which utilized AI to monitor the effects of climate change on Earth’s spin, [...]

Fruit fly pest meets its evolutionary match in parasitic wasp

A parasitic wasp that preys on the young of a prolific fruit fly pest demonstrates [...]

How Treasury Bills Work

Treasury bills have a face value of a certain amount of money, which is what [...]

See stunning photos of the Atacama Desert — the driest on Earth — blooming in winter for 1st time in a decade

“This very arid soil houses a treasure,” ecologist María Fernanda Pérez told Live Science after [...]

Does hot water freeze faster than cold water? Examining the Mpemba effect

Does hot water freeze faster than cold water? Aristotle may have been the first to [...]

What is canola oil?

You’ll find canola oil in most well-stocked kitchens. This oil is idea for cooking and [...]

Last Chance Lake: The unusual ‘soda lake’ with conditions that may have given rise to life on Earth

Scientists consider Last Chance Lake to be an analog for lakes that may have existed [...]

Previous theory on how electrons move within protein nanocrystals might not apply in every case

Researchers believe that understanding how electrons move within small, natural systems could power a more [...]

Golliard Songs

Goliard SongsLatin songs written from the 10th to early 13th centuries. They are among the [...]