How to Take Personal Training Outdoors

Exercising is a key aspect of our lives. It’s how we maintain our calorie count and keep ourselves in peak physical condition. And if you’re a personal trainer or gym owner, you want to find ways to enhance your clients’ workouts. If you’re a fitness trainer and want to take your activities outside, here’s how you can do so.

Find a Good Spot

The great outdoors may be expansive, but sadly, you and your trainees can’t do your routine just anywhere. Before you can begin your outdoor lessons, find an area that’s spacious and has little distraction. This can be your local park, a playground, or even a secluded beach area. You want your lessons to go smoothly, especially if this is your first-time coaching outdoors. Having something such as heavy traffic and pedestrians can be very distracting to both you and your trainees. You also need to make safety a top priority as well. Rugged or uneven terrain can be dangerous, especially for beginners. Look for grassy areas where you can train your clients while minimizing the risk of injury.

Invest in the Proper Outdoor Gym Equipment

Teaching fitness outdoors isn’t always about how long you do jumping jacks or doing various stretches. Certain cardiovascular exercises and strength training require the use of exercise equipment. Incorporating gym equipment, like mini-steppers, exercise balls, small weights and even treadmills, into your outdoor lessons is a great way to give your clients an easy way to exercise. It also entices those who are more comfortable in an actual gym setting. Because this can be quite the investment, you need to make sure you’re purchasing sturdy outdoor fitness equipment. You may think that it’s not a good idea because of the weather, but most outdoor gym equipment is weatherproof. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor training sessions. It’s especially useful if you own a gym and want to start training clients outside.

Get Creative

In addition to outdoor exercise equipment, you can also get creative when training clients. Instead of long-winded runs, you can create sequences that break the monotony. Make the most out of benches for step-up exercises, lower abdominal crunches and upper body strengthening. You can also use study tree limbs for upper extremity exercises. If you reside somewhere that has seasonal changes, you also tailor workouts as such. In the winter, you could practice drills in the snow for extra resistance. In fall and early spring, you and your clients can go hiking and admire the foliage. You can work how to build a workout wardrobe into the conversation during sessions, so your clients are prepared for any type of weather or workout. Your goal should be keeping clients engaged and entertained while exercising outdoors.

Keep Spirits High

Nothing is more demotivating than a lackluster trainer. Your clients look to you for encouragement and support, so make sure to celebrate all of their wins. Give high fives when they complete tough sets that they previously struggled with. You should also keep accurate track of their milestones and send them celebratory texts or emails when they reach them.



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