How Artist Teresita Fernández Turns Graphite, the Stuff of Stardust, Into Memories

“Re:Frame,” a video web series produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, investigates the compelling [...]

Researchers study exciton dynamics at unprecedented resolution

Schematic illustrations of exciton dynamics in two-dimensional materials. a Time-resolved STM (TR-STM) setup for measuring [...]

Widely accepted Weyl semimetal shown to be a magnetic semiconductor

(a) Near infrared transmission showing the interband absorption edge at low fields, B<1T. (b) Color [...]

It’s Camelot in the Desert

Julia Banks (Clickability Client Services) “Good Camel, Rip, champion camel,” cooed writer Derek Grzelewski as [...]

Measuring the properties of light: Scientists realize new method for determining quantum states

Setup used to investigate the linearity of two SNSPDs in terms of the local oscillator [...]

The Byford Dolphin Accident: How 5 Deep-Sea Divers Met Grisly Deaths

The Byford Dolphin oil exploration rig lies in dry dock in Invergordon, Scotland, in 2008. [...]

Strain at monolayer MoS₂/hBN interfaces enhances hydrogen evolution reaction activity

Schematic image of a droplet-assisted transfer method. Credit: Wang Bin et al Recently, the research [...]

Scientists develop an affordable sensor for lead contamination

Artist’s impression of the chip surface, showing the on-chip light interferometer used to sense the [...]