How to Build the Perfect Workout Wardrobe

Workout motivation a little low? The feeling is only natural. It can be incredibly challenging to keep up with your fitness goals, especially if you’ve fallen off the wagon and are just now getting back into shape.

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but it can take a serious toll on our bodies and cause us to feel pain in muscles we didn’t even know existed. One way you can keep your motivation strong in spite of the soreness is by revamping your workout wardrobe.

Why? First of all, the right clothes will maximize your comfort so you can stay on top of your A-game with less perceived pain. Also, picking out clothes on line and flipping through your new purchases can inject a bit of excitement into a routine that may otherwise feel like a chore. And, as they say, when you look good, you feel good—so pick out some stylish threads meant for athletic performance and reinvigorate your exercise activities.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a complete guide on how to build the perfect workout wardrobe to get you started.

  1. Moisture-Wicking Socks

Nobody likes athlete’s foot, and yet, it’s one of the most common challenges plaguing people who exercise regularly. It happens when a nasty fungus grows on the bottom of feet, and the organism thrives in damp socks wrapped in the dark, humid shoe chamber.

Although there are many ways you can contract the fungus—from locker room floors to swimming pool decks—there are also many ways you can prevent it, too. Purchase athletic socks made with moisture-wicking fabric that literally pulls sweat away from skin to the outside of the material so that it can dry more quickly.

You also might want to check out compression socks, which many athletes swear by for their ability to promote healing and reduce recovery time—so you can get back to feeling your best faster than before.

  1. Comfortable Shoes for Every Activity

Too many people make the mistake of thinking their old pair of Converse sneakers can moonlight as running shoes, weightlifting trainers, and everything else under the sun. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You need dedicated athletic shoes that are designed with specific activities in mind because footwear performs differently in a variety of settings. For example, ladies would benefit from hiking shoes for women that can shield their delicate feet from hazardous debris out on the trail, while men might need cross-trainers that can support lateral movements and resist abrasion during rope climbs.

As an added bonus, athletic footwear comes in a dazzling assortment of styles and colors, so this is one area where you can let your originality really shine and turn heads while wearing some fly kicks.

  1. Stretchy Leggings

It’s not just women who need leggings in their workout wardrobe; men have picked up on the trend and wear them during weightlifting and CrossFit circuits to spare the rest of the gym from seeing up their shorts.

But when it comes to leggings, you need to buy a pair you can rely on to withstand plenty of stretching. The last thing you want is a rip down the mid-seam while you’re in mid-squat.

Men’s training tights will leave you feeling fast, light, and unrestricted throughout any exercise, while women may be able to forgo the surgery and give themselves a tummy tuck every time they slide on some shapewear leggings.

Of course, be sure to pick up a pair of track shorts for your cardio days in the summer!

  1. Loose Tanks

Regarding workout tops, make it a goal to find loose-fitting fabric that doesn’t constrict your arms upon movement or cling to your stomach with sweat. You want plenty of breezy airflow that can keep your core cool as you dial up the intensity.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid gray and white colors because sweat bleeds through very quickly—but there’s also no harm in showing off how hard you’ve worked!

  1. Supportive Sports Bra

Men have the option to workout shirtless, but ladies will need to wear a supportive sports bra at a minimum. Finding the one with the right contoured silhouette can give you a welcome confidence boost, but more importantly, it will help prevent sore shoulders, back pain, and under-arming chafing that can throw a serious wrench into any workout routine.

Stock up with these staples and see how much easier it’ll be to muster up the motivation next time you work out!


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