How Important is Continuing Education for HR Professionals?

HR professionals are a valuable part of any organization. They are required to have current knowledge of laws related to employment and industry standards for handling various issues. Part of their job-related practices is staying current with continuing education.

To help a company reach its goals, HR professionals are responsible for managing diverse functions. These include hiring, creating staffing strategies, building and maintaining a corporate culture, managing employee compensations and benefits, training staff, and resolving delicate issues.

A formal degree in Human Resources Management serves as a solid foundation to have the most success as an HR professional. In addition, HR professionals must complete further training related to compliance, discrimination, harassment, and other serious matters that can significantly affect a company.

Continuing education is necessary for HR professionals to fulfill their roles and be at the leading edge of the latest trends in the industry. At IAML (Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc.), HR professionals are able to receive the best practices training on vital workplace issues.

What is Continuing Education?

Continuing education refers to all learning engaged after achieving a formal degree. It comprises a combination of classes, seminars, online courses, degree programs, and other types of education.

Continuing education requirements vary depending on the HR position. Some professionals may be required to complete yearly classes or pass exams to stay current in the industry. Other professionals may need to complete advanced degrees to take on new roles or achieve a higher pay scale.

The Importance of Continuing Education for HR Professionals

Like in many professions, HR management requires the latest knowledge on various complex issues related to labor regulations and technological advances that impact staffing. It is a must for HR professionals of any size company to acquire the latest education pertaining to hiring, providing support to employees, staff management, and methods for creating a solid corporate culture.

Since HR management deals with various sensitive issues, HR professionals must stay current with changes in laws and regulations. They are also responsible for knowing about changes to benefits and the timely administration of them. A well-trained HR team will directly impact the quality of life of an employee and can even affect an individual’s career.

A company that invests in continuing education for its HR team ensures long-term success in any industry. The HR department is the glue that holds the company together. It is a vital component of ensuring the company has a strong workforce dedicated to its success.

Benefits of Continuing Education

There are various benefits to completing continuing education in your HR career. These benefits include:

Eligibility for Promotions

HR professionals who complete continuing education become eligible for more opportunities than those who choose not to go further with their training. Companies like to reward employees who pursue continuing education and become better qualified to perform a broader spectrum of functions.

As your continuing education training allows you to perform your job better, you will be compensated for your effort. It shows employers a great sense of commitment and interest from your part in taking your career to a higher standard.

Salary Increases

Those who commit to furthering their education are compensated with higher salaries. Whether you are starting a new position or are getting promoted within the same company, having a higher level of education will result in a higher salary. It is estimated, on average, that a professional who holds a college degree earns twice the amount of those who don’t.

Opens Opportunities in Your Career Path

Another great advantage to continuing education to further your career is being able to qualify for more opportunities. It is a great way to strengthen job security because you will be a more qualified candidate no matter where you are. Whether you are looking to advance within your role or transition into a new one, higher education will make you a better candidate.

Improves Your Marketability

Whether you are looking for a new position or want to grow within an organization, having higher education will make you stand out from other candidates. It is a testament to the dedication you have to your career. Employers will see you as someone who knows about the latest industry trends and is qualified for a higher-level position.

Provides More Choices

Having a higher level of education can improve your life in many ways. It allows you to take your career in any direction. Also, it gives you the leverage you need to negotiate a higher salary, start your own business, or be more satisfied with your job. Continuing education pays off well as you can improve your life more easily.

How Can I Start Continuing Education?

Once you decide that continuing education is a critical step in your career, you will have various options. IAML works with HR professionals to explore which continuing education programs will help them achieve their career and personal goals. Their advisors are dedicated to your success and have the experience necessary to guide you through crucial career decisions.

Since 1979, IAML has helped thousands of professionals kickstart their careers to a higher level. They are dedicated to producing the best training programs available to HR professionals. Call them for a consultation to explore a new continuing education plan!


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