BMW Introduces Concept Cars That Change Color With the Push of a Button

The BMW i Vision Dee (Dee stands for “Digital Emotional Experience”) is capable of 32 [...]

Bone Specialist On Call

Wikimedia Commons The skeleton of a child, 10 to 12 years old, had been found [...]

New aerogel maintains functionality, superelasticity at extreme temperatures

Scientists work to solve the problem that the performance of conventional protective aerogel materials deteriorates [...]

Scientists discover ‘flipping’ layers in heterostructures cause changes in their properties

Two different vdW heterostructures. The left consists of WS2 on top of WSe2, and the [...]

The Theory of Relativity, Then and Now

Illustration by Peter Horvath. Reference photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images “I am exhausted. But [...]

NASA simulation shows what it’s like to travel into a black hole and the results are mind-boggling

NASA has produced a simulation of a 640 million km journey toward a black hole [...]

Major Disease Outbreak Strikes California Sea Lions

Princepajaro, a male California sea lion, swims in a pool during treatment for leptospirosis at [...]

Sleeping Babies Can Sense When Mommy and Daddy Are Fighting

The computing power of an infant’s brain still astounds. Traci DaBerko Opening a new window [...]