Colombian Police Say Death of Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins May Be Tied to Drug Use

It seems possible that narcotics were involved in the shocking death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, according to officials. He was discovered dead in his hotel room at the Casa Medina in Bogota, Colombia, on Friday. Heartbroken admirers gathered outside in astonishment to pay their respects to Hawkins, 50.

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The Metropolitan Police of Bogota announced in a statement released by the Mirror of London: “According to those close to him, the death could be related to the consumption of drugs.”

Hawkins, a charismatic drummer with a magnetic stage presence, has a history of drug usage. According to The Sun, he overdosed on heroin in 2001 and spent a week in a coma.

According to sources, Hawkins had gone to the hotel and complained of chest discomfort to the staff. The police cautioned that it’s still too early to tell, presumably until an autopsy is completed. “The cause of death has yet to be established,” police cautioned.

Shortly after learning of the tragedy, the Foo Fighters cancelled their planned performance at the Picnic Stereo Festival in Bogota on Friday, August 18. On March 18 and 19, they performed at Lollapalooza Chile.

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