‘Black Alien,’ Known For His Radical Body Modifications, Is Thinking About Having Leg Amputated Next

A man who is in the process of changing himself into a so-called “black alien” has disclosed that he is considering severing a portion of his leg as well.

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Anthony Loffredo has been getting a lot of tattoos and getting his body modified in order to achieve his goal of appearing like a “black alien.” He hopes that this will bring him happiness.

Since he was 27 years old, Loffredo has been changing his body in a variety of ways, including the amputation of two fingers, the removal of his upper lip, and the tattooing of the bulk of his body in black ink.

Loffredo has been candid about the fact that he may have to have further ‘treatments’ in the future, despite the fact that it might look like he is getting close to achieving his objective.

In the 116th episode of the podcast called Club 113, Loffredo disclosed that the next body modification he intends to have is on his face once again, even though he’s already sliced off his ears, and “modified” his nose and lips. 

After being questioned about what took place with his ears, he responded: “My ears. My friend keeps them.”

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He also acknowledged that he would be interested in expanding beyond merely altering portions of his face, and that he is contemplating cutting off half of one of his legs, according to Lad Bible. “It’s something really hard because I have a healthy leg and an amputation it’s something big,” he said.

Loffredo said that the amputation would take place below his knee, and he has stated that he is only considering carrying out the operation on one of his legs at this time.

“I like everything surrounding this. It draws my attention, technology and the future.” he says.

He remarked that technology hasn’t always been on board with the modifications he’s been making to his body, such as the fact that his phone doesn’t recognize him anymore and thus he can no longer use facial identification.

On his Instagram account, Loffredo chronicles the steps he is doing to become a “black alien,” keeping his fans abreast of his progress and informing them of how far along he is in the processes of his “evolution” and “transformation.”

His family and several members of the general public have had difficulty accepting his look, which is one of the downsides associated with his objectives. Nevertheless, he continues to pursue his goals.

In a previous episode of the podcast, Loffredo said that he has been forced to deal with some severe responses, such as people yelling at him or running away from him when he is out in public.

He added that he goes out of his way to try to make other people feel better and more at ease, but at the same time he is continually modifying and altering his look in order to achieve his own inner peace.

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