7 Bizarre Spa Treatments

Mankind’s relentless pursuit of physical beauty is nothing new (the use of cosmetics dates back to ancient Egypt and Rome) but the methods we use to achieve that “perfect look” have certainly evolved. Gone are the days of bathing with a bar of soap, dabbing on natural perfume, and applying subtle cheek rouge. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on a dizzying array of beauty products. As exemplified by these 9 trendy—albeit bizarre—beauty regimens, some people will stop at nothing to maintain a youthful appearance. Just how far would you go to achieve that youthful glow?

  • Snake massage

    For brave individuals with common aches and muscle pains, Ada Barak’s northern Israel spa offers a slithery solution. In this $70 procedure, dozens of non-venomous snakes are draped over the body, eliciting a variety of sensations. Small snakes, such as the milk snake, brush lightly over the skin; larger ones, such as corn and king snakes, provide deeper pressure to alleviate sore muscles.

  • Cryotherapy

    Temperature therapy dates back hundreds of years, and Europeans have long implemented the use of “cold saunas” to rejuvenate the body and reduce chronic pain. The first spa in North America to offer “cryotherapy” was opened in 2010 by Sparkling Hill Resort in British Colombia, Canada. For $45, clients can partake in an icy 3 minute introductory session in which they expose themselves (under close supervision) to a – 110° C (–166°F) temperature chamber. Frozen stiff or re-energized? You’ll have to see for yourself.

  • Fish pedicure

    When a pumice stone isn’t enough, some people turn to fish to soften their heels. “Fish pedicures” are popular in Europe and Asia, and run between $40 and $100. The practice is slowly popping up in American salons—though some states have cited hygienic issues and banned the treatment. Prior to a traditional pedicure, clients soak their feet in a pool with over 100 garra rufa fish (from the family Cypriniformes), which nibble away dead skin to leave feet soft and refreshed. No, the garra rufa is not related to the piranha, and no, the procedure isn’t recommended for those with ticklish feet.

  • Nightingale facial

    Bird poop may not be desired on the hoods and windshields of vehicles, but some people seeking to exfoliate and repair skin damage welcome it on their faces. Many high-end salons implement nightingale excrement as a part of a facial treatment that runs around $225. After being treated with ultraviolet rays in order to kill bacteria, nightingale droppings are ground to a powder and mixed with water to form a special paste. The mixture is said to prevent blemishes and even skin tone.

  • Gemstone massage

    Whether clients seek to balance, purify, revitalize, or relax, there is a gemstone spa treatment for everyone (everyone who can afford it, that is). Precious gemstone-infused oils are featured in 90-minute massage sessions at The Spa at Trump in New York; clients can choose between a diamond, emerald, ruby, or sapphire treatment for $295 during the week or $395 on a weekend.

  • Diamond blow-out

    Harrods’ Urban Retreat Spa in London knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Clients in search of smooth, glimmering locks headed to the salon to receive a diamond and meteorite dust-infused shampoo and condition, complete with a blow-dry. The treatment cost just $500, and the leftover shampoo and conditioner was the client’s to keep. What a bargain.

  • Snail facial

    Snail mucus has long been recognized for its health properties, but a salon in Japan has taken the natural treatment to a whole new level. For around $100, the Celebrity Escargot Course, or “snail facial,” allows clients to come face to face with the mollusks—literally—in order to reap benefits from their secretions. Under the supervision of a snail wrangler—er, therapist—snails glide across the face as they please, leaving a slimy trail of antioxidants and proteins in their wake.


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