6 Ways to Promote Your New Theatre Production

After all your hard work putting together a fantastic production, you’ll want to ensure that your show finds the audience it deserves. Here are six ways you can promote your new theatre production and sell more tickets.

1. Using Print Media

Printed materials are one of the most effective ways to promote a theatre production. There are many different options for print media depending on your budget and preferences. One option is to write a press release or give an interview for a local newspaper or magazine to generate interest in your upcoming production.

You might also want to have flyers printed and ask local shops and cafés if they’d be happy to display them on the counter or in their window. It’s also a good idea to generate posters to market your theatre production. These should display the performance location and dates, be visually appealing and look professional. You can then display the posters in venues around your local community, such as libraries, community centres, and colleges.

2. On Social Media

Social media is another great way to make people aware of your upcoming production. You can create a Facebook page and events for your production and include a link to where tickets can be bought. You can also use social media channels to share pictures and videos. TikTok and Instagram are perfect for behind-the-scenes footage, sneak peeks of the show, and outtakes. Sharing visuals of your print materials like posters and flyers can increase awareness.

3. Via Email Marketing

Email marketing is another way to reach your potential audience online. This can go hand in hand with print media, as you can send your press release to journalists or bloggers to make them aware of your production. You could even offer them an exclusive interview, the opportunity to visit a rehearsal, or tickets to the opening performance in exchange for an article or review.

4. Event Listings

Regular theatre-goers are likely to search online event listings for information about upcoming productions they might be interested in so getting your event listed will help you reach a ready and willing audience. As well as listing your production on free listing sites, such as The List, you can also create an event on the ticketing platform Eventbrite and use it to market your production, engage with your audience, and sell tickets.

5. Local Community

Gathering support from the local community is vital to the success of your production. There are lots of fun ways you can do this, from inviting local schools or nursing homes in to watch your final dress rehearsal for free or by getting out onto the streets to hand out flyers (ideally in costume!) You could also donate a percentage of ticket sales to a local community group or charity or run a raffle in aid of a local cause to show that your cast and crew care are invested in and care about the local community.

6. Word of Mouth

Perhaps the most old-fashioned marketing method there is, word of mouth is still an incredibly popular and effective way to raise awareness of and sell tickets to your production. When emailing ticket holders with details of the upcoming event, include a message encouraging them to share details of the production on social media or invite a friend. Don’t forget your promotional power – tell everyone you know about the production and ask them to come along or spread the word. The more people who know about your upcoming production, the better!


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