6 Executive Education Trends You Need to Know

From filling knowledge gaps to developing new skills, executive education delivers a plethora of benefits and it is a must-have for today’s business leaders and managers. If you are interested in pursuing executive education for personal and professional advancement, read on and we’ll highlight some of the current trends you should be aware of.

  1. Shift to Virtual Learning

Executive education in the post-pandemic world will embrace virtual learning. While online courses have already been popular in recent years, it is expected to grow even more which is likely a response to the physical challenges brought about by COVID-19. Anytime and anywhere, business executives are able to learn new concepts to help propel the growth of their organizations.

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  1. Eliminating Budget Constraints

While executive education can cost thousands of dollars even for just a few weeks, it definitely won’t be money wasted. Rather, it can be viewed as an essential investment for improving human capital. With the reduction in budget constraints, many organizations are willing to spend more in exchange for improving the core capabilities of their business executives.

  1. Address Modern Concepts and Problems

It is also expected that executive education will put more emphasis on modern concepts, such as machine learning, emotional intelligence, and managing remote teams, among other things. Businesses have experienced paradigm shifts in recent years, and hence, it is important to equip leaders with new capabilities. Most executive education programs focus on traditional skill sets. This however is expected to change, putting more emphasis on affective, perceptual, and interpretive skills.

  1. Emphasis on Socialization

Similar to employee training, we also expect to see executive education incorporate social elements. Learning happens best when the participants collaborate, making socialization an important ingredient for success. It can also make executive education more engaging and entertaining. Not to mention, socialization also helps executives build a strong business network.

  1. Rise of On-Demand Executive Education

Through on-demand online courses, executive education becomes more flexible. This is great for those who cannot commit time and money to courses that take a long time to complete. On-demand learning means that the materials are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. These are self-paced courses with the potential to create a real-time impact.

  1. Microlearning

This is a response to the busy schedules of today’s business executives as many of them do not have several continuous hours a day to spend studying. With microlearning, executive education is delivered through short bursts of learning materials, which will often require only a few minutes. This is a great way to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention. It also prevents information overload and improves accessibility.

In sum, executive education is changing. From virtual learning to socialization, this article highlighted some of the trends that are already apparent and expected to become more evident in the future.


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